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Receive online donations, websites that allow donations, get financial and other assistance, training for jobs

If you need money desperately, they are many ways you can raise money online. With a good job and credit rating, getting personal loans is not very difficult. If you do not have a job or your facing difficulties due to a sudden illness, you can your luck online.  

Many people prefer to donate online to a person who has created a detailed online profile, rather than large impersonal charities. Though these charities are better regulated , a large part of  the donation goes to paying salaries and maintaining an expensive office. Only part of  the donation goes to the person who actually needs money.

Some of  the popular online charities and support websites are:
Modest Needs - assistance for really needy people
Digital Charity - free online donations
Goodwill Industries International Inc - training and jobs for the disadvantaged
The Salvation Army - food, shelter, clothing and other assistance
Caring Bridge - for support during hospitalization