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Caring Bridge  is an online service that allows you to post health updates about a family member who has been hospitalized . Family and friends who wish to get updates on the health of  the patient can visit the webpage and also make donations.

A person with only basic internet  knowledge can build a webpage at Caring Bridge using the step by step instructions provided. The web page can be customized and can have a photo album. It acts as an online journal, providing updates on the patient's changing health condition. It includes an online guestbook, which visitors can sign and leave their messages of support and encouragement. 


When a person is sick and hospitalized their friends and relatives call up their family members to enquire about the patients health. The family members who are already stressed out, have to spend time answering the same question from many persons. By providing  information on the patient's health online, family members save a lot of time and avoid inconvenience.


Donors are more likely to help you if  you provide updated information about the illness. By creating a page at Caring Bridge, you may receive sufficient  funds to cover hospital expenses. Please note that donations directly to the website are used to cover the operating expenses of the website.
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