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Digital Charity  is a free service that allows you receive online donations through a free webpage. Any person who can receive payment through PayPal in 55 countries, can sign up at Digital Charity and receive donations. It is part of  the network.

A person seeking donations at Digital Charity has to first create a free account  by providing email address, PayPal address and a password. You then create a webpage - donation page,  where you list the reason why you need the money.  Your donation page will have a PayPal donate button prominently displayed on top, so that visitors can donate money easily.


After you have created your donation page, it will be listed on the Digital Charity homepage. It will be manually checked for offensive content and pages which do not comply with the sites guidelines will be deleted. Since there are 50 request titles  posted on one page, it is important to ensure that your donation page title is well written and eye catching. This will ensure that they click the title to visit your donation page.


The payment is made through PayPal and there is no minimum donation. There is no fee for receiving money through a PayPal personal account and the money can be directly transferred to a US bank account. DigitalCharity does not take any percentage of  the money you receive.


A donation page remains posted at the website for a period of  one year, after which it expires. You can create a new donation page or renew a donation page 30 days before it expires. To maximize donations, you can post a link to your donation page on your blog, forums and message boards, though spamming is prohibited.

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