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Goodwill Industries International Inc is one of the largest nonprofit providers of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages, such as welfare dependency, homelessness, and lack of education or work experience, as well as those with physical, mental and emotional disabilities in North America .
To find the nearest Goodwill location, go to the Goodwill Locator and enter the Street, City, Province and Zip code.

While it is easy to get a job, if you have graduated from reputed college, it may not be easy if a person has limited schooling, limited English or a lack of work experience, a criminal record, a history of substance abuse, have a disability or medical condition or been fired from their jobs. Goodwills work closely with local businesses in the area and provide suitable training so that a person can be gainfully employed.

At various Goodwill locations, the following services are provided:
1. Understand the job seekers skills, interests, abilities and limitations 2. Training in office and computer skills.
3. Job training relevant to specific sectors like IT, healthcare, retail, food services, banking, manufacturing
4.Job readiness training to learn what is acceptable at the workplace and what is not. They are also taught to write resumes and how to apply for jobs
5. Till they are placed permanently, job seekers are often assigned a temporary job at a Goodwill store or working on contract basis at government or business sites, so that they can acquire new skills.

To find the nearest Goodwill location, you can use the Goodwill Locator