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Modest Needs  is a registered charity which helps low income people who need money urgently to overcome an unexpected financial emergency like payment of  utility bills, medical bills or repairs. Persons residing in USA and Canada can apply for assistance. Modest Needs was founded in 2002 and has helped thousands of  families .

To be eligible for assistance at Modest Needs, an individual must be at least 18 years old and should have an active registration with Modest Needs. Registration with Modest Needs is free and a person can register online. However, only one registration is allowed per household. After registration, proof of identity and other documentation is required. The payment is sent directly to the vendor or utility, on behalf of  the person who has made an application.


The assistance provided by Modest Needs is of  3 types:

1. Self Sufficiency grants - for a single short term expense or emergency like payment of a utility bill or car repairs. A member of   your  household must have a full time job and the main source of income should be the job.

2. Back to work grants  - help a temporarily unemployed person acquire skills,  training or certification, which will help get a new job

3. Independent living grant - a retired or disabled person can apply for assistance to make a one time bill or other payment.


A lot of effort is made by Modest Needs to ensure that assistance is provided to individuals who really need it, and to filter out fraudsters . Each application is screened for genuineness and rated by donors over a period of about a week. Assistance is provided to households whose applications which have the highest rating, usually within a period of  two weeks. Each household is eligible for assistance from Modest Needs only two times in their lifetime.


Donors usually donate amounts which vary from US$5 to $100. Since Modest Needs is a registered charity, the donations are eligible for tax deductions. A receipt for the donation is sent on request.