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The Salvation Army is one of the largest charities in the world, with branches in different countries of the world. To locate the nearest Salvation Army center in USA, go to the Salvation Army website and enter the Zip code

The Salvation Army is run internally like an army and the chief of the organisation is called the general. It was founded in 1865 and is also a social service organisation and church. It is funded largely through donations and sales of donated cars, household goods and other consumer products.

Though it is widely known for disaster relief, offering assistance to people who have faced natural and man made calamities, the Salvation army helps people in need with the following services:
1. Financial assistance, food and clothing to families and persons in need
2. Elderly services - classes, day care, meals are arranged for seniors. Residential facilities are also organised.
3. Shelters for lonely people
4. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation - the largest resident rehabilitation program in the United States. Individuals are provided with shelter, meals and medical care( if needed), and they assigned different types of work to overcome their addiction
5. Prisoner Rehabilitation - provides training and employment opportunities

However, the Salvation Army has a religious agenda, which may deter some donors. Like other charities, some the recipients of aid may not be truly deserving.

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